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Otterbox Alpha Glass

By Mindo - 06th Jul 2016 | 5 views

Protect your touchscreen against scratches and scrapes with Alpha Glass for Apple iPhone 6/6s. The fortified, anti-shatter glass defends your display, is reactive touch, retains sensitivity, and with the comfort of shatter protection. Alpha Glass lets you take on your world with confidence.

<p class=”listBULLETLISTTEXTMIstyles”>Ultra-thin glass protector for anti-scratch and shatter protection that you cannot see.

<p class=”listBULLETLISTTEXTMIstyles”>Reactive-touch technology responds as quickly as you.

<p class=”listBULLETLISTTEXTMIstyles”>Custom-fit iPhone 6/6s glass screen protector.

<p class=”listBULLETLISTTEXTMIstyles”>Tool kit included for simple, precise, and bubble-free installation.

<p class=”listBULLETLISTTEXTMIstyles”>Anti-shatter: Fortified to defend your display and to avoid splintering and shattering.

Sizes to fit devices with or without an Otter Box case.

<h3><strong>Key Ninja</strong></h3>

<strong><img src=”../attachments/8c9248d4-f9bb-4777-bf91-2abaf57244f8.JPG” alt=”” /><br /></strong>

Ninjas are famously adept at moving around without being noticed, they sneak in and out unnoticed. To do this takes years of training and practice. They have to be super organised and always know where everything is. If they had a large bunch of keys they would definitely be looking for something like the Key Ninja to organise their keys. They certainly wouldn’t like to have a bunch of keys dangling around them when they go on one of their missions. So for us wanna-be Ninjas we can use the Key Ninja to tidy up and organise our keys so we always know where they are. The Key Ninja holds up to 30 keys, yes amazingly, and all different types and sizes too. They will sit neat in your pocket or attach to your car key using the supplied carabiner. The Key Ninja also comes with two LED lights on either end so you can see where you have to put the key to use or help you to find something, very handy.

€15 @ and @ Dundrum Town Centre.

<h3 class=”bodytextMIstyles”><strong>Conspiracy theories</strong></h3>

Questions and suspicion reign supreme in this clever and popular book.

We all love a good conspiracy; it is great for chats around the office or at the pub. The Internet has opened up a whole wealth of all sorts of theories and conspiracies. Now you can have them altogether in one, very popular place, the <em>Conspiracy Theories</em> book. If you know someone who is always talking about all the different events around the world and what or who are behind them, then this book is perfect for them.

<img src=”../attachments/e1f72f46-60c8-4229-990f-22b211cc6a30.JPG” alt=”” />

Or if you would like to know it all yourself then this is a must read.

Some of the theories contained in the book include: Did Michael Jackson fake his own death? Was it aliens that helped build the Sphinx and the great pyramids? Is the food industry colluding to make us addicted to sugar?

You will discover startling evidence on these and many more in this compelling compendium of the world’s scariest and wackiest conspiracy theories.

€13.95  @ and @ Dundrum Town Centre.

<h3 class=”subheadMIstyles”>Secrid Wallet</h3>

Introducing a new kind of wallet that protects against fraud in the new wi-fi age. The Secrid Card Protector Wallet is essential for holding and protecting up to six of your most important cards, such as your credit card, bank card, ID card, driving license, insurance card, etc. This is the original black Secrid wallet. They are all made from premium high quality leather, so no matter your taste in colour, every wallet is still amazing.

<img src=”../attachments/60d4640f-df5d-430e-9950-8a0874dbbcc8.JPG” alt=”” />

The Wallet blocks unwanted reading of your RFID (radio frequency identification) cards, such as ID cards or the latest generation of credit cards, which if not adequately protected, can be detected and copied from a distance, without you noticing. This can happen anytime, anywhere and by anyone who has a wireless card reader, because the radio waves will easily cross any fabric or leather. The Secrid Card Protector will protect your cards by effectively blocking these radio waves.

    Yes, it is fantastic that your card is protected and kept safe from unscrupulous thieves who want your information for ill-gotten gain. But, for ease of use every day, the click button to release your cards is simply amazing. With one simple click, all the cards will slide out step-shaped for easy access. This means there is no rooting around trying to dig out the card you want to use, it is there for you at the click of a button.

Because of its compact shape, the Secrid Card Protector fits inside almost any pocket or handbag. The cards are easily inserted into the Secrid Card Protector and once inside, the patented mechanism secures each card on both sides. This mechanism prevents the cards from rubbing against each other and reduces wear and tear on the chips and magnetic strips.  

Its aluminium material also protects against bending and breaking
of your cards.

€60  @ and @ Dundrum Town Centre.

<h3 class=”bodytextMIstyles”>Giant donut inflatable</h3>


The famous expression of pure craving for the sweet, sweet taste of donuts by the one and only Homer J Simpson.

And just like his donuts, this one looks good enough to eat, and in fact, someone took a bite out of the Giant Strawberry Donut Float, who could it have been?

<img src=”../attachments/c4eba92c-b4fb-4abf-974b-b9da8a104e84.JPG” alt=”” />

With all this lovely weather and holiday season upon us, what a fantastic thing to bring with us to the beach or the pool.

At four feet wide, this float is comfy enough for an entire day at the pool – and hysterically fun.

Don’t forget your beach ball, beverage boats, flying food, and beach blankets!

Brilliant fun for adults and kids alike!

 €24.95 @ and @ Dundrum Town Centre.

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