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APC Mobile Power Pack

By Dermot - 14th Apr 2016

Charge your devices on the go, watch videos on your flight or listen to music during an outdoor adventure. The lightweight, compact design charges USB devices, from cameras to smartphones and tablets.

The APC Mobile Power Pack keeps your mobile devices charged and ready. Its two differently rated USB ports provide just the right amount of power to simultaneously charge your smart devices so you stay connected throughout life’s journeys.

<p class=”subheadMIstyles”> <div style=”background: #e8edf0; padding: 10px 15px; margin-bottom: 15px;”>


<h3 class=”subheadMIstyles”>Key Features</h3> <p class=”listBULLETLISTPANELSgadgetsMIstyles”> <ul> <li>Two USB charging ports</li> <li>Provides up to two full charges for a smartphone and half a charge for a tablet</li> <li>Push-button display shows available battery life at a glance</li> <li>Saves battery life and energy by automatically shutting down when the connected devices are fully charged</li> <li>Safeguards unit and battery from damage by automatically powering down when the battery temperature is above the safe operating range</li> <li>Over-charging protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection</li> </ul>



<h3 class=”subheadMIstyles”>Product Specifications</h3> <p class=”listBULLETLISTPANELSgadgetsMIstyles”>Dimensions: (WxDxH) 6.44cm x 10.75cm x 1.44cm

<p class=”listBULLETLISTPANELSgadgetsMIstyles”>Weight: 136g

<p class=”listBULLETLISTPANELSgadgetsMIstyles”>Voltage required: 5V

<p class=”listBULLETLISTPANELSgadgetsMIstyles”>Voltage provided: 5V

<p class=”listBULLETLISTPANELSgadgetsMIstyles”>Battery: Lithium polymer — 5,000 mAh

<p class=”listBULLETLISTPANELSgadgetsMIstyles”>Manufacturer warranty: Two years’ warranty

USB charging cable included: 300mm


<div> <p class=”GADGETSpriceMIstyles”>Available from Right-Click at €29.99



<img src=”../attachments/9d7dd2de-82c0-4821-ba02-607490aaa69c.JPG” alt=”” />

<h3 class=”subheadMIstyles”>Immerse Virtual Reality Headset Plus</h3>

Watch 3D movies and videos while experiencing virtual realities. Wearable technology is here and over the next few years it is going to explode all around us. Smartphones have opened up a Pandora’s box of fun and amazingly useful technologies. Who is to say we won’t be watching sport, using a virtual reality (VR) headset? The Immerse is one of the first in a line of the easy-to-afford versions.

The Headset incorporates an eye cushion, adjustable lenses, removable window (for use with augmented reality play) and a head strap to maximise your comfort and experience. Just start the app, insert your phone into the headset and you are ready to go.

<strong> </strong>

<strong>€39.95 @ and @Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin.</strong>

<strong><img src=”../attachments/e55b0c8f-6fdb-4676-ba44-0c6a29142868.JPG” alt=”” /> </strong>

<h3 class=”subheadMIstyles”>Microwave popcorn maker</h3>

Have you ever looked for a better way to hold your popcorn when you pop it in the microwave?

This popcorn maker is made from silicone so it is perfect for the microwave and to pop your corn in.

It is a healthy way to cook popcorn; not only that, once it is popped, you can use it to hold the popcorn and because it is made from silicone, it doesn’t make any noise.

<strong> </strong>

<strong>€15 @ and @Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin.</strong>

<p class=”subheadMIstyles”><img src=”../attachments/32058f38-c5bc-4913-98b8-23a38e653bf2.JPG” alt=”” />

<h3 class=”subheadMIstyles”>Ninja Gnome</h3>

This Ninja Garden Gnome is perfect for the brighter and longer days. It includes a solar panel battery that charges during the day, which allows the Ninja’s eyes to automatically illuminate when it becomes dark.

Hand-made and weather-resistant, the Ninja Gnome is a stylish novelty attraction that will enhance your garden, day or night.

<strong> </strong>

<strong>€29.95 @ and @Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin.</strong>

<strong><img src=”../attachments/fedeb354-7f25-4352-9f1f-bdd0e72a3c3b.JPG” alt=”” /> </strong>

<h3 class=”subheadMIstyles”>Flash Cube</h3>

Flash Cube is a true high-fidelity, two-way, self-powered speaker system that combines style, fun, and great sound like no other speaker.

The lighted woofer and tweeter offer a full range of colours and different lighting modes to match your décor or mood. The stylish black cabinet with rounded corners and lighted touch controls is easy to place and looks great in any room. 

The Flash Cube streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device and includes a remote to control its musical functionality and to select your preferred lighting options.

But what you may like most about this exciting product is its great sound —with a 5 ¼-inch woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter, the Flash Cube delivers vibrant, life-like music as well as great style, wherever you put it.<strong> </strong>

<strong> </strong>

<strong>€149 @ and @Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin</strong>

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